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Found Floppy Bunny

(c) Salina Yoon

Floppy Bunny Doll,

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Found: Upon finding a toy rabbit in the forest, Bear tries his very best to return it to its home. By the time its owner appears, Bear has become attached to Bunny. A heartwarming tale about a familiar childhood mishap.

Hardcover Picture Book. Ages 4 - 6. by Salina Yoon.

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Found Board Book: When Bear finds a lost toy bunny in the forest, he discovers that doing the right thing isn't always easy. Board Book with same text as hardcover.

Board Book. Ages 1 - 3.

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Stormy Night: When thunder shakes his house and rain pounds the windows, Bear is frightened. But comforting his Mama, Papa, and Floppy helps make the storm seem not so scary. Before Bear knows it, the storm has passed, because even storms need their sleep . . . and so do bears.

Hardcover Picture Book. Ages 4 - 6. by Salina Yoon.

Stormy Night
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