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The Stinky Cheese Man

(c) Jon Scieszka (c) Lane Smith

Stinky Cheese Man Soft Doll: You won't be lonely with this soft toy version of The Stinky Cheese Man! With embroidered and sewn green olive eyes, and an appliqued crisp bacon mouth, this soft chenille version is unexpectedly irresistible. Hurry up and catch him if you can, as he has two pockets in the back of his legs so you can make him run run as fast as he can!. Stinkey Cheese man is 8" tall.

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The Stinky Cheese Man: One of ten stories presented in this book by a revisionist storyteller is a tale of THE STINKY CHEESE MAN. Youngsters will enjoy the mad, hilarious versions of children's favorite tales in this collection that includes "Little Red Running Shorts," "The Princess and the Bowling Ball," and "Cinderumpelstilskin."

Hardcover, Picture Book. Ages 7 - 8.

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