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Adorable bunnies, lambs and storybooks for a Child's Easter Gift

12 in. Rutabaga Bunny Plush Doll

Rutabaga Bunny

Rutabaga Bunny 12 inches tall. He sports the Rutabaga emblem on his chest and is sure to delight youngsters of all ages. Surface Washable.
KP1200 $17.95

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16 in. Rutabaga Bunny Blanket

Rutabaga Buddy Blanket

Rutabaga is so hugable in his soft cream velour blanket with a satin border that has "Best Friends Indeed" embroidered on its hem. Buddy Blanket is 16" long.
KP6045 $22.95

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The Garden Welcomes Blossom, Bloom and Bud Board BookInside pages of The Garden Welcomes Blossom, Bloom and Bud Board Book

The Garden Welcomes
Blossom, Bloom and Bud

In Good Friends Garden, wee bunnies are born beneath the cabbages, sweet peas and corn. The Doodlebugs name them Blossom, Bloom and Bud as they wiggle and giggle in the garden's warm mud. Board Book.
KP0083 $13.95 Our Price $11.89

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Kiddo's Rainy Play Day Cloth BookInside pages of Kiddo's Rainy Play Day Cloth Book

Kiddo's Rainy Play Day

Kiddo is a little lamb, Chirp is his wee feathered friend. They love to play in the rain, splashing again and again. Cloth Soft Book. Chirp has a squeeker inside and is fastened with a sturdy cord. Inside pages have differnt sewn in texture pieces for babies to explore.
KP2026 $11.95

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7 in. Wee Kiddo Lamb Plush Doll

Wee Kiddo Lamb

Wee Kiddo is simply adorable in soft curly lamb fur with velour trim. Lamb is 7" tall and is surface washable.
KP4128 $12.95

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16 in. Kiddo Lamb Buddy Blanket

Kiddo Buddy Blanket

Kiddo is fresh as a spring breeze in soft white velour with a lovely aqua birdie applique' and embroidery that says "Best Friend Kiddo". Buddy Blanket is 16" long.
KP4711 $22.95

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8 in. Small White Bunny Puppet

Small Bunny Puppet

Running to his burrow or nibbling on the garden, the soft and timid 8" bunny rabbit is a favorite animal of young children. This Bunny Rabbit puppet is just the right size for cuddling, whether on or off the hand of Mom or Dad.
FM2048 $13.95

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A Tale for Easter Hardcover Picture BookA Tale for Easter Hardcover Picture Book

A Tale for Easter

While awaiting the arrival of Easter, a child dreams of rabbits with shining eyes, little lambs, Easter ducklings, and other wonderful surprises. Witness the beauty of spring in Tasha Tudor's exquisite watercolor illustrations. All Ages. Only 1 Available.
SS8447 $12.95
A Tale for Easter Board Book
SS8571 $7.99

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17 in. Standing Rabbit Puppet

Standing Rabbit Puppet

Large as life and twice as cuddly, once you pick him up you won't want to put him down. Standing White Rabbit puppet features movable front paws and mouth, stands 17" tall, is recommended for ages 3 and up.
FM2868 $23.95

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Family Easter Treasury Hardcover Picture Book

Family Easter Treasury

Michael Hague has brought together thirty-two of his favorite texts and poems in an exquisite anthology that is a joyous commemoration of Easter. There are entries for the oldest and youngest family members to enjoy. This anthology includes works by such writers as Gerard Manley Hopkins, Emily Dickinson, and Oscar Wilde. 134 pages. Hardcover, All ages. Autographed Book Plate by Michael Hague.
Only 1 Available.
MC8194 $29.95

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17 in. Floppy Bunny Puppet

Floppy Bunny Puppet

Floppy Bunny Rabbit is a delightful 17-inch bundle of softness. Created in cream-colored fabric that so ultra soft no one will ever want to put her down. Floppy Bunny Rabbit will hop into the hearts of young and old with her charming looks.
FM2838 $31.95

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The Easter Egg Hardcover Picture Book

The Easter Egg

If Hoppi can make the best Easter egg, he will get to help the Easter Rabbit deliver the eggs on Easter morning. But it is not so easy. Discouraged, he goes into the woods to think when a blue robin's egg tumbles out of its nest. Hoppi keeps it safe and warm until the baby bird hatches, and when the Easter Rabbit arrives, he chooses the empty blue eggshell to reward Hoppi for his kindness. A gatefold surprise reveals the Easter Rabbit. Included is a page of stickers to decorate your Easter eggs. Hardcover. Ages 6 - 10. Autographed Book Plate
by Jan Brett.
PP2389 $17.99

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7 in. Lop Ear Rabbit Hand Puppet

Little Lop Rabbit Puppet

With its long floppy ears, 7" Lop Rabbit is as cute as a real Lop Rabbit Pet and is sized just right for smaller hands.
FM2944 $12.95

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12 in. Standing Lop Ear Rabbit Puppet

Lop Rabbit Puppet

This 12" Standing Lop Rabbit puppet features distinctive long ears and cashmere-soft fur in a creamy white and "broken" brown color pattern.
FM2992 $28.95

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5 in. Bunny Finger Puppet5 in. Lop Ear Bunny Finger Puppet5 in. Chick Finger Puppet5 in. Fawn Finger Puppet

Easter Basket Puppets

These small finger puppets are a great add on to any Easter Basket.
Lop Ear Rabbit
FM2745 $8.95
Brown/White Bunny
FM2727 $7.95
FM2733 $7.95
FM2721 $7.95

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Easter Bugs Hardcover Pop-up Picture BookPop-up image from the Easter Bugs Picture Book

Easter Bugs

All kinds of bugs are hiding behind colorful Easter eggs and in the pop-up basket there are more colorful bugs. A Springtime Pop-up by David A. Carter. Ages 2 - 4.
Easter Bugs
SS8622 $11.99

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12 in. Spotty Soft Toy

Spotty Soft Toy

Spotty felt lonely until he found other rabbits who looked like him. His sparkling blue eyes, fluffy little tail, authentic brown spots, soft white coat, velvet foot pads, and sweet pink mouth make him a favorite bunny to cuddle. He is 12" tall and makes a great Easter gift.
YT0303 $19.95

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Spotty Hardcover Pictue Book


Spotty is a timeless tale of belonging. In a family of entirely white bunnies, Spotty knows he looks different. Though his family loves him, they leave him behind when they go to Grandpa's birthday party. "It's just because of your brown spots," his mother says, imagining how upset Grandpa would be if he saw Spotty. Wanting desperately to be included, Spotty even tries spot remover. Then he writes a note: "Dear Mum, I love you all but I have to leave you." And he sets out on his own to seek acceptance. Author Margret Rey with illustrations by H. A. Rey. Hardcover. Ages 3 - 8
HM7368 $16.99 Our Price $14.44

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12 in. Lamb Puppet

Lamb Puppet

The lamb has long been a symbol of youth and innocence. With a sweet face, workable mouth and ultra-soft, nubby fur, this Lamb puppet will tame the fiercest lion heart and bring the spirit of spring into any room. Hand enters from underneath. Lamb is 12" tall.
FM2864 $29.95

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13 in. Bleating Sheep Puppet

Bleating Sheep Puppet

Yes, you "herd" right; this BLEATING SHEEP puppet has a sweet, comical face and soft, silvery fleece. This is one puppet "ewe" will surely love. Animate her mouth as you gently squeeze her body to hear her bleat. Sheep is 13" long.
FM3058 $35.95

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Llama Llama Easter Egg Board Book

Llama Llama Easter Egg

The Easter Bunny brings lots of treats for Llama Llama: jelly beans, colorful eggs, and a fluffy surprise! Board Book by Anna Dewdney. Ages 2 - 4.
PP9823 $5.99
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Little Chick Minature Board Book Set in slip case.

Little Chick
Three Little Stories

The Starry Night, The Kite That Would Not Fly, and The Carrot That Would Not Grow are included in this set of miniature board books. Board Books are in a slip Case. Perfect for a special Easter Basket. Author Amy Hest and illustrated by Anita Jeram. Ages 2 - 4.
CW4801 $9.99

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Bunny Bungalow Out-of-Print Hadcover Picture Book

Bunny Bungalow

The bunnies have found the perfect bunny home, just right for busy days, snug nights, and lots of bunny fun. So hop inside this cozy bungalow and visit for a while. You'll be glad you did! Hardcover Picture Book.
Ages 2 -4.
First Edition.
Only 4 copies available.
HM0928 $13.00

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The 365 Days of Eloise: My Book of Holidays Hardcover Picture Book

See More Eloise

The 365 Days of Eloise:
My Book of Holidays

Follow Eloise through the calendar as she fills each day of the year with even more new adventures, featuring all new original artwork by Hilary Knight! Complete with two sets of sticker sheets so you can personalize your books, fun Eloise facts, and brand-new illustrations, fans old and new will find something to love in this treasured new addition to the Eloise collection.
SS9372 $16.99 Our Price $14.44

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Betty Bunny Loves Easter Hardcover Pictue Book

Betty Bunny Loves Easter

Yes, Betty Bunny loves Easter. She loves it so much that she just knows when she grows up, she will be the Easter Bunny. So it comes as quite a shock when she learns that her brothers and sister have been helping her in the egg hunt every year. Determined to find eggs on her own, this time, Betty Bunny also finds out a thing or two about the satisfaction of accomplishment. Hardcover Picture Book by Michael B. Kaplan. Ages 5 - 6.
PP0617 $16.99 Our Price $14.44

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