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Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Hardcover Picture Book

and the Three Bears

Lost in the woods, a tired and hungry girl finds the house of the three bears where she helps herself to food and goes to sleep. Jan Brett's wonderful illustrations make this classic a collector's item. Hardcover. Ages 6 - 7.
Autographed Book Plate
by Jan Brett
PP0333 $17.99

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11 in. Goldilocks and the Three Bears Nesting Puppets

Goldilocks and the Three
Bears Nesting Puppets

Each of the Three Bears come with a pocket. The largest is an 11" bear, the middle size bear is 8 1/2", and the smallest bear is 6". The 4 1/2" plush Goldilocks doll fits nicely in the pocket of the largest and middle size puppets. Careful attention to detail has been given to the manufacture of these puppets, made of soft velour. The clothing is lined with padded fabric for stability. Nesting Puppets will give many hours of play and storytelling fun. These baby safe, machine washable puppets nest together when play is done.
NA8325 $39.95

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The Goldilocks Variations Hardcover Picture Book

The Goldilocks Variations

Everyone knows what happened when Goldilocks met the three bears. But when she encounters a whopping thirty-three bears, the strange-talking Bliim, or even three little pigs, the stories end a bit differently. Lift the flaps and pull the tabs to join Goldilocks in a hilarious series of adventures, as award-winning storyteller Allan Ahlberg and his daughter, Jessica, put their own stamp on the timeless tale. Hardcover.
Ages 7 - 8.
CW2684 $17.99 Our Price $15.29

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Goldilocks and the Three Bears Paper Picture Book with CD

Goldilocks and
the Three Bears w/CD

Step into the magical world of Child's Play fairy tales. Traditional tales are a well-established part of all cultures. Retold from the original, this lively story will captivate readers with its delightful illustrations and fun lift-up flaps, which really add to the action. The 'flip-up' flaps encourage prediction and discussion, and the well-known story will give young readers confidence. Complete with Audio CD Paperback. Ages 3 - 7.
CP0855 $8.99

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