Penguin and Pinecone

Author Salina Yoon

6 in. Penguin and Pinecone Plush DollPenguin in Love Board Book

Penguin Set 1

6" Penquin Plush Doll and Penquin in Love Board Book.

When Penguin finds a lost mitten on the ice he wonders who it belongs to--after all, every mitten has a mate! This story celebrates love in its many forms, reminding us that the greatest adventure begins when you find your other half. Ages 2-4.

MC7588 $22.95

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6 in. Penguin and Pinecone Plush DollPenguin's Big Adventure Board Book

Penguin Set 2

6" Penquin Plush Doll and Penquin's Big Adventure Board Book.

Penguin embarks on a journey to explore the North Pole! Along the way, he says hello to old friends. When he finally reaches his destination, he realizes he's all alone in a strange, foreign place.... How will he overcome his fears of the unknown and enjoy this new adventure? Ages 2-4.

MC7306 22.95

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