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Silly Piggy Doll: From Don and Audrey Wood's classic, Piggies. Plush Doll is 6.5" tall
Piggy Pie Po Set (Silly Piggy Doll and Piggy Pie Po): Who is Piggy Pie Po? Just the smartest (maybe), messiest (probably), silliest (definitely) piggy you'll ever meet. He's sure to become every child's most unforgettable new friend. Dance, count, and laugh with Piggy Pie Po!

Silly Piggy Doll and Hardcover Picture Book Ages 5 - 6.
Only 1 Set Available.

Piggy Pie Po Set HM4949 $27.95

Piggy Pie Po Book
Piggies Board Book Piggies Large (Lap) Board Book Set (Silly Piggy Doll and Piggies Board Book: Ten little piggies dance on a young child's fingers and toes before finally going to sleep.

Silly Piggy Doll and Large Board Book is 10.5" x 9.5" Ages 2 - 5.
Only 2 Sets Available.

Piggies Large Board Book Set HM6322 $23.95

Piggies: Meet Piggies - - fat - smart - long - silly - and wee - - who romp from fingers to toes in this highly original bedtime fantasy from award-winning Don and Audrey Wood. The Woods take a simple concept - that with a little imagination five fingers can become piggies - and they have a wild, imaginative ball with it.

Hardcover book by Audrey Wood includes musical CD with seven original songs! Ages 2 - 5.

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Piggies with Musical CD HM6674 $17.95

Piggies Book

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