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Scarlet Macaw Finger Puppet: Little Pirates will love this brightly colored 7" finger puppet. His words can be salty or sweet.

Macaw Finger Puppet FM2723 $8.95

Port Side Pirate Puzzles: A puzzle box with 12 piece and 24 piece puzzles. This 2-in-a-box set is illustrated by Debbie Harter. Finished sixe of puzzle is 9" x 7".

Port Side Pirate Puzzles BF6661 $14.99

How I Became a Pirate: When Braid Beard's pirate crew invites Jeremy Jacob to join their voyage, he jumps right on board. Buried treasure, sea chanteys, pirate curses -- who wouldn't go along. Soon Jeremy knows all about being a pirate. He throws his food across the table and his manners to the wind. He hollers like thunder and laughs off bedtime. It's the heave-ho, blow-the-man-down, very best time of his life. But then he finds out what pirates don't do...........
Hardcover Picture Book by David Shannon. Ages 3 - 7.

How I Became a Pirate HM8484 $16.00 Our Price $13.59

The Pirate Jamboree: Join Blackbeard Johnson, Eyepatch Sue, Cap'n Gunderboom, and others sail over to Peg Leg Jones' for a rousing pirate adventure! They arrive on their pirate ships, plunder treasure, topple a table, and fire cannons during the pirate jamboree. The pirate adventures come to a close when the S.S. CLEAN YOUR ROOM (otherwise known as Mrs. Jones) arrives and playtime is over, but ahoy -- tomorrow will bring another day, another tale, another pirate jamboree!

Hardcover, Picture Book. Ages 4 - 8.

The Pirate Jamboree SC2218 $17.99

Port Side Pirates! Letting you sing along as you follow the text, this multiple-track CD offers a great way to develop reading, listening and singing skills. Suitable for young pirate enthusiasts and fans of "The Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, it also includes endnotes on pirate ships, pirates from different parts of the world and famous pirates.
Hardcover Picture Book w/CD by Oscar Seaworthy. Ages 3-7.

Port Side Pirates BF7170 $16.99 Our Price $14.44

Pirates Fun Activities: With treasure maps, word searches, mazes and games, this action-packed book will keep young landlubbers happy for many hours. Includes full-color reusuable stickers.
Paperback Activity Book. Ages 4-8.

Pirates Fun Activities BF2175 $5.99


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