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Puff the Magic Dragon

(c) Peter Yarrow
A Dragon That Lives Forever! Welcome to Honalee, an enchanted land of imagination, acceptance, and love. In this magical place, you can share the playful adventures of Jackie Paper and his childhood friend, Puff, the Magic Dragon.
Large Puff the Magic Dragon Plush: 16" long Puff the Magic Dragon is safe for all ages.

Large Puff tbe Magic Dragon Plush KP2100 $21.95

Small Puff the Magic Dragon Plush: 11" long Puff. Ages 0+

Small Puff the Magic Dragon Plush KP2106 $12.95

Puff the Magic Dragon Puppet: Hand Puff Puppet is 10" tall. Ages 0+.

Puff the Magic Dragon Puppet KP2103 $15.95

Puff the Magic Dragon Finger Puppets: Four Piece Set of 4" fabric finger puppets. Ready for play in the enchanted land of imagination, Honalee. Ages 2 & up.
Only 1 Set Available.

Puff the Magic Dragon Finger Puppets KP2102 $17.95

Puff the Magic Dragon: One of the most beloved songs of all time is a classic that's become a part of the childhood experience and now the land of Honalee finally lives on the printed page. The exquisite package includes a cloth case with a tipped-in illustration and an embossed jacket with foil touches, as well as an exclusive CD featuring not only Puff, but several other songs performed by Yarrow, his daughter Bethany, and cellist Rufus Cappadocia.

Hardcover Picture Book by Peter Yarrow. Ages 3 - 6.

Puff the Magic Dragon BT7823 $16.95 Our Price $14.44


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