School / Library Purchase Orders

Castlemere accepts Purchase Orders from Schools and Libraries. All purchase orders are subject to approval. Terms are net 30 days from date of shipment. Purchase orders of $1,500.00 or more, and orders outside the USA, require a proforma invoice payment prior to shipment. Order confirmation will be e-mailed to the Authorizing Agent and the Ship To Contact.

How to Place a Purchase Order
When you select an item and quantity (default quantity is 1 item) from our web pages it will be placed into the shopping cart. Select "Continue Shopping" to add additional items. When you have completed shopping and are ready to place your order, select the destination at the bottom of the shopping cart. Select the "Purchase Order Button" which will take you to the payment details page (authorization, billing, and delivery). When you have completed the payment details, select the "Place Order button". Copies of your order will be e-mailed to the Authorizing Agent, Billing Contact Name, and Shipping Contact Name.


Proforma Invoice - Invoice provided for payment in advance of shipment of goods.

Authorizing Agent - Principal, Head of Department, etc.

Billing Name - Accounts Payable, Comptroller, School Secretary, etc.

Shipping Contact Name - Recipient (Teacher, Librarian, etc,)


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