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Sweet Pea and Friends

Story by John and Jennifer Churchman

7.5 in. Sweet Pea and Friends Plush Doll

Sweet Pea Plush Doll

Join in the fun with Sweet Pea, the adorable sheep based on John and Jennifer Churchman’s true story of a group of barnyard friends. Sweet Pea has fluffy plush and her trademark lei, and her happy expression makes her ready for hours of snuggly fun. This 7.5" Sweet Pea Doll is ready for a SheepOver! Surface Wash Only. Safe for all ages.

Sweet Pea Plush Doll
MM1820 $17.95

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The Sheep Over Board Book

The SheepOver

In The SheepOver, Sweet Pea the orphan lamb becomes very ill and everyone on the farm is worried. After receiving constant attention and love, she slowly starts to recover and is promised a sleepover with her barnyard friends to celebrate. Snacks, dress-up and dancing under the disco ball . . . the “SheepOver” is a huge success.

The SheepOver Board Book
LB3558 $10.49

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