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Cats and Kittens

Fluffy Cat Puppet: A princess among kitties, this whimsical Fluffy Cat has a movable mouth with a realistic tongue to demand more kibbles. Her extra fluffy body and long luxurious tail are sure to elicit lots of laughs. Fluffy Cat Puppet is 12" tall.

Fluffy Cat Puppet FM2566 $31.95

Orange Tabby Kitten Puppet: Tabby Kitten is 8" of soft striped fur and wiggly whiskers. Animate the legs and head of this kitten puppet to make her pounce and preen.

Orange Tabby Kitten Puppet FM2845 $19.95

See the story of Dewey the Library Cat
Plush Black and White Cat: A mischievious little cat will enjoy sharing a cupcake with you. This Black and White Cat stands 9" tall and is surface washable.

Plush Black and White Cat AP5652 $14.95

Cat-in-Bed Finger Puppet: This 4" finger puppet is ready for a busy day! Who knew it would find so many things to do and see. Before long it's ready for a nap! Only 4 Available.

Cat-in-Bed Finger Puppet FM2715 $8.95

Shy Little Kitten Soft Toy Doll: Way up in the hayloft of an old red barn lived a mother cat and her new baby kittens. There were five bold little black and white kittens, and one little striped kitten who was very, very shy. Shy Little Kitten is 6.5" tall. Comes complete with a "FREE" Little Golden Book Classic.

Shy Little Kitten Soft Toy and Book YT0548 $15.95

Bad Kitty Doll: A delightful plush doll to accompany Nick Bruel's riotous alphabet book. Doll is 8" tall.

Bad Kitty Doll MM1553 $14.95

Large Splat the Cat Plush: From Rob Scotton's hilarious Splat the Cat series, comes this adorable plush toy doll that children will love. Plush toy is 11" tall.

Large Splat the Cat Plush KP3301 $15.95

Scaredy Cats Set, Plush Kittens & Paperback Book: Plush Kittens are 5.5" tall . When Mother Cat allows her two youngest kittens to go on an errand all by themselves, they are delighted. But as they get further away from home the kittens are plagued by imaginary fairy tale fears. Will they make it to town safely, or will they really be scared and give up before they reach their destination? Plush Dolls and Paper Picture Book by Audrey Wood. Ages 3 - 7.
Only 1 Set Available.

Scaredy Cats Set CP0488 $24.95

Skippyjon Jones Doll: Now bigger, softer and more fun, this 8" doll. makes a great companion to the Skippyjon Jones Picture Books. Ages 3 - 8.

Skippyjon Jones Doll MM1585 $14.95

Large Pete the Cat Plush Doll: From Eric Litwin and James Dean's story of a moving and groving cat singing his song, this really large cat will please any child. At 32' tall he is also perfect schools and libraries.

Large Pete the Cat MM1661 $44.95

Pete the Cat Plush Doll: Whoa! What happened to Pete's white shoes? This one cool cat is 14" tall.

Pete the Cat Plush Doll MM1629 $14.95


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