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Cinderella Pocket Doll in Blue Dress: Cute as she can be, Cinderella is 14" tall, wearing her blue sateen dress. Pockets sewn into Cinderella's dress hold a Pumpkin, The Prince, and The Godmother finger puppets. These removeable mini-puppet storybook friends add life to this classic fairy tale.

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Cinderella Pocket Doll
Cinderella Pocket Doll: Pockets sewn into Cinderella's dress hold a Pumpkin, The Prince, and The Godmother finger puppets. These stowaway removeable mini-puppet storybook friends bring this fairy tale to life. Adorable Cinderella is 14" tall wearing her pink cotton dress.

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Cinderella: Almost every country in the world has a version of Cinderella, but the favorite of story-tellers is the French version by Charles Perrault. This translation is excellent for story-telling and also for reading aloud. Marcia Brown's illustrations are full of magic and enchantment from the little cupids putting back the hands of the clock to the last scene at the palace. They are pictures that will stay in a child's mind.

Hardcover Picture Book illus. by Marcia Brown. Ages 5 - 8.

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Cinderella by Susan Jeffers
Cinderella: Cinderella's transformation from poor girl to princess never fails to captivate young ones, and this stellar retelling, exquisitely illustrated by Susan Jeffers, is a must for every library. For this hardcover reissue, Susan Jeffers retouched her pen-and- ink and dye illustrations, making them even richer. Her brilliant artwork is showcased in a new interior design featuring a fifth-color gold border.

Hardcover Picture Book by Susan Jeffers. All ages.

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Cinders: A sumptuously illustrated adaptation of the Cinderella story that is set amid a snowy Russian winter, where a maligned chicken wins the heart of Prince Cockerel when she arrives at his ball looking so beautiful that even her henpecking sisters do not recognize her. Readers will find these dressed up chickens comical as they pour over the extravagant setting, including a "WOW"-inducing double gatefold of chicken couples whirling around the ballroom.
"All About" Letter with coloring & cut-out page included.

Autographed Book Plate by Jan Brett
Hardcover. All Ages.

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Cinders by Jan Brett
Fairy Tales Book

Fairy Tales: This magnificent volume enchants us with twelve of the best-loved fairy stories of all time. Through inspired retellings of such classics as Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp, Berlie Doherty's graceful prose and Jane Ray's stunning illustrations offer fairy-tale magtic to last a lifetime.

Hardcover with illustrations. All Ages.
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Cinderella Faux Diary: An entertaining diary format based on this much-loved fairy tale, told from the perspective of Cinderella herself. Pop-ups bring the book to life, perfect for engaging early readers. Multi-media illustrations and handwritten text complete the illusion of a real scrapbook diary.

Hardcover Ages 3 - 7.

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Cinderella Faux Diary
Cinderella: Retold from the original , this story will captivate young readers with it's delightful illustrations and fun lift-up flaps which add to the action. Complete with Audio CD.

Cinderella w/CD CP0916 $8.99

Cinderella Pop-up Book
Charming three-dimensional scenes transform the story of Cinderella into a fairy-tale gift to treasure. Jane Ray's layered cut-paper artwork elegantly retells the time-honored tale of a scullery maid turned royalty. Six meticulously detailed tableaux include a shabby kitchen, a gorgeous nightscape in a magical garden, and a sparkling ballroom filled with nobles, as well as Cinderella's iconic gilded pumpkin coach. Side panels unfold to reveal the story's text and evoke an evening at the theater.

Hardcover by Jane Ray. Collectible Classic Pop-up. Ages 3 & up.

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