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Autographed Children's Books by Doug Keith

Since opening his own illustration and design studio in 1983, Doug Keith has worked on a wide range of projects including more than forty illustrated books, a series of popular alphabet posters and numerous fine art commissions. Doug's honors include an Emmy Award for graphic design, an Award of Excellence from the Society of Newspaper Design and several Publishers Marketing Association (Ben Franklin) Awards for picture book illustration. Doug began his professional career as a commercial artist in New York City and eventually relocated to the Northwest.
Doug Keith
The Bored Book: Moaning about having nothing to do while visiting their grandfather's house, a brother and sister are sent to play in the attic where they discover a magical book that opens to reveal fantastic worlds they can enter and explore..

Hardcover Wordless Picture Book. Ages 5 - 6.
Autographed Book Plate by Doug Keith.

The Bored Book BT6192 $16.95


The Errant Knight: A knight on his way to serve his king is delayed, over and over again, by people who need his help and he spends years struggling and hoping to finally reach the royal castle and fulfill his duty.

Hardcover Picture Book. Ages 6 - 7.
Autographed Book Plate by Doug Keith.

The Errant Knight BT0765 $15.95


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