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Max and Ruby

(c) Rosemary Wells

Max the Bunny Plush Doll:

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Max the Bunny Plush Doll MM1763 $17.95

Ruby the Bunny Plush Doll: Kids will love to stage their own story of Ruby with this Plush 9.5 inch tall doll.
Surface Washable.

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Ruby the Bunny Plush MM1764 $17.95

Max & Ruby's Bedtime Book: Time for bed--but first a story! "Just one more story," beg Max and Ruby, so Grandma tells one more and then another of their very favorite stories, the ones about the things they did when they were younger bunnies.

Hardcover Picture Book. Ages 4 - 6.

Max & Ruby's Bedtime Book
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Max's Birthday: Happy birthday, Max, said Max's sister, Ruby. NO! said Max. So Ruby made the lobster run away....But what happens next?
Board Book. Ages 1 & up.

Max's Birthday PP2682 $5.99


Max's New Suit: It's time to dress for the party, said Max's sister, Ruby, and she began to help Max dress. But Max wanted to dress himself.... Can you imagine what happened?
Board Book. Ages 1 & up.

Max's New Suit PP2705 $5.99

Max's Breakfast: Eat your egg, Max, said Max's sister, Ruby. BAD EGG, said Max... Will Max eat his egg?
Board Book. Ages 1 & up.

Max's Breakfast PP2736 $5.99

Max's Christmas: It's Christmas Eve, and big sister Ruby won't let Max wait up and see Santa Claus. But, as always, the irrepressible Max has other ideas about that.
Hardcover Picture Book. Ages 2 - 6.

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Max's Christmas PP2899 $12.99


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