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Me...Jane: Jane loves to be outside with animals. Come with Jane as she explores our magical world and makes her dreams come true. An inspiring story of the young girl who would grow up to be Dr. Jane Goodall --primatologist, environmentalist, humanitarian, and United Nations Messenger of Peace.

Haardcover. Picture Book. Ages 5 & up.
Bookplate Autographed by Patrick McDonnel

Me...Jane LB5469 $15.99

Baby Chimpanzee Puppet: "Jane had a stuffed toy chimpanzee named Jubilee. She cherished Jubilee and took him everywhere she went." Children will be sure to cherish this Baby Chimpanzee Puppet too. Hand Puppet is 15"tall.

Baby Chimpanzee Puppet FM2877 $28.95

It's a Book: Can it Text? Blog? Scroll? Wi-Fi? Tweet? No ...... it's a book, replied the monkey!

A humorous read from Lane Smith for all book lovers.

Hardcover, Picture Book. All Ages.

It's a Book MC6060 $12.99 Our Price $11.04

Monkey Finger Puppet: 5" Puppet

Monkey Finger Puppet FM2738 $8.49

Five Little Monkeys Finger Puppets: These mischievous finger puppets are ready for monkey business! Adventures lie ahead -- whether jumping on a bed, sitting in a tree, baking a cake, playing hide and seek, washing the car or with nothing to do.

Monkeys Finger Puppets MM1587 $29.95


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