Otis the Tractor

Author Loren Long

Otis the Tractor Hardcover Picture Book

Otis the Tractor Board Book


Otis is a special tractor who loves his farmer and loves to work in the fields.But when Otis is replaced with the big yellow tractor, he is cast away behind the barn, unused, unnoticed. When a calf gets stuck in Mud Pond and then Otis saves the day. Hardcover. Picture Book. Ages 4 - 6.

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Otis Board Book

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Otis and the Tornado Hardcover Picture Book

Otis and the Tornado

Otis and his farm friends are enjoying a summer's day playing their favorite game, follow the leadeer. Suddenly, the day turns frightening: the birds stop chirping, the wind picks up, and the sky turns dark and stormy. It's a tornado! How will Otis save his friends and a bull locked in his pen? Hardcover. Picture Book. Ages 4 - 6.

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Otis and the Puppy Hardcover Picture Book

Otis and the Puppy

Otis and his farm friends love to play hide-and-seek. Otis especially loves to be "It," finding his friends as they hide. Yet when the newest addition to the farm - a bounding puppy - tries to hide, he finds his attention wandering and is soon lost in the forest. Night falls and Otis, knowing his new friend is afraid of the dark, sets out to find him. There's just one problem: Otis is also afraid of the dark. His friend is alone and in need so Otis takes a deep breath, counts to ten, and sets off on a different game of hide-and-seek. Hardcover. Picture Book.
Ages 4 - 6.

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NightSong Hardcover Picture Book

Also by Loren Long

Sense is the song you sing out into the world, and the song the world sings back to you. With these words, Chiro's mother sends him off into the night for the first time alone. It's an adventure, but how will he find his way? And how will he find his way home? As the young bat discovers, navigating the world around him is easy as long as he uses his good sense. Hardcover Picture Book by Ari Berk & illus. by Loren Long.
Ages 4 - 7.

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