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Rabbits and Bunnies

Standing Rabbit Puppet: Large as life and twice as cuddly, once you pick him up you won't want to put him down. Standing White Rabbit puppet features movable front paws and mouth, stands 17" tall, is recommended for ages 3 and up.

Standing Rabbit Puppet FM2868 $23.95

Small Bunny Puppet: Running to his burrow or nibbling on the garden, the soft and timid 8" bunny rabbit is a favorite animal of young children. This Bunny Rabbit puppet is just the right size for cuddling, whether on or off the hand of Mom or Dad.

Small Bunny Puppet FM2048 $13.95

Floppy Bunny Puppet: Floppy Bunny Rabbit is a delightful 17-inch bundle of softness. Created in cream-colored fabric that so ultra soft no one will ever want to put her down. Floppy Bunny Rabbit will hop into the hearts of young and old with her charming looks.

Floppy Bunny Puppet FM2838 $28.95

Cottontail Rabbit Puppet: This adorable storytime pal is super soft. It sits alert with ears perked. The front paws and mouth are moveable in this life-like rabbit. Hand Puppet. 14" long.

Cottontail Rabbit Puppet FM2891 $30.95

Little Hare Puppet: Toddlers will love this soft Little Hare with is big floppy ears. From tip of his ear to bottom Hare is 10".

Little Hare Puppet FM2931 $12.95

Bunny Finger Puppet: 5" Puppet. Only 3 Available.

Bunny Finger Puppet FM2727 $7.95

Standing Lop Ear Rabbit: Look who just popped up in the garden ready for the next harvest. The 12" Standing Lop Rabbit puppet features distinctive long ears and cashmere-soft fur in a creamy white and "broken" brown color pattern. A hip "localvore" who's ready to feed on fresh veggies, this cuddly fellow can hold a carrot up to his hungry, open mouth and nibble away. Adopt this sweet natured creature before he hops away!

Standing Lop Ear Rabbit FM2992 $28.95

Little Lop Rabbit Puppet: With its long floppy ears this Little 7" Lop Rabbit is as cute as a real Lop Rabbit Pet.

Little Lop Rabbit Puppet FM 2944 $12.95

Lop Ear Rabbit Finger Puppet: 4" Puppet.

Lop Ear Rabbit Finger Puppet FM2745 $8.95

Betty Bunny Plush Doll: She sports a bold silk-screened flower on her red knit shirt, along with a thin wale blue corduroy skirt with green polka-dotted stockings underneath. Just like in her story, Betty Bunny hides a piece of chocolate cake in her pocket! Betty Bunny is 11.5" tall

Betty Bunny Plush Doll YT0518 $22.95

Goodnight Moon Cuddle Bunny: In a great green room, tucked away in bed, is a little bunny. "Goodnight room, goodnight moon." Any child will love this cuddly bunny with soft furry face and hands. 14' tall bunny is machine washable.

Goodnight Moon Cuddle Bunny KP3308 $17.95

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Peter Rabbit: Soft and cuddly this large 13" Peter Rabbit will be a favorite companion for children as they enjoy Beatrix Potter's classic stories of Peter, his family and friends. Machine washable. Safe for all ages.

Peter Rabbit KP6230 $19.95

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Pat the Bunny Large Plush: This 12" bunny is a perfect companion for the original touch and feel book. Machine washable. Safe for all ages.

Pat the Bunny Large Plush KP5000 $15.95

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The Velveteen Rabbit Doll: This magnificent creation is antique in look and exquisite in feel, straight from turn-of-the-Century England. Velveteen Rabbit has elegantly simple lines, and a shimmery velveteen coat. Doll is 10" tall.

Velveteen Rabbit Doll YT0381 $24.95


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