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Me...Jane: Jane loves to be outside with animals. Come with Jane as she explores our magical world and makes her dreams come true. An inspiring story of the young girl who would grow up to be Dr. Jane Goodall --primatologist, environmentalist, humanitarian, and United Nations Messenger of Peace.

Haardcover. Picture Book. Ages 5 & up.
Bookplate Autographed by Patrick McDonnel

Me...Jane LB5469 $15.99

Baby Chimpanzee Puppet: "Jane had a stuffed toy chimpanzee named Jubilee. She cherished Jubilee and took him everywhere she went." Children will be sure to cherish this Baby Chimpanzee Puppet too. Hand Puppet is 15"tall.

Baby Chimpanzee Puppet FM2877 $28.95


Monkey Finger Puppet: 5" Puppet

Monkey Finger Puppet FM2738 $8.49

The Jungle Book: When Rudyard Kipling wrote The Jungle Book nearly 120 years ago, he used his imagination and experiences in the Indian forest to create a majestic domain where animals formed their own societies. In 1993, Don Daily brought the jungle to life with beautiful illustrations detailing the worlds of Mowgli, Baloo, Kaa, Bagheera and other jungle dwellers. The stories teaching morals, self-discovery, loyalty and friendship are revived like never before, featuring a spectacular 8-page gatefold and full color spreads. This newly reformatted hardcover classic edition of The Jungle Book features the faithfully reproduced tales with Don Daily's original illustrations, using the world's highest quality scanning and printing technology. Hardcover. Author Rudyard Kipling. Ages 4 - 7.

The Jungle Book SS4753 $18.95 Our Price $16.14

Little Elephant Puppet: While the African elephant is the largest living land mammal, this Little Elephant is just the right size for little folk's play. Small hand puppet is 6" tall

Little Elephant Puppet FM2940 $12.95

Elephant Puppet: This Elephant Puppet is a majestic pachyderm that incorporates the animator to lift and move the trunk when you slip your hand inside his head. Designed with realistic touches, an ultra-soft micro-fiber fabric, and a movable mouth. Elephants use their trunks for a variety of purposes, from hauling lumber to taking a bath; how much can you make him do? Elephant is 20' long.

Elephant Puppet FM2534 $51.95

African Animals ABC Board Book: A lovely rhyming alphabet book of African animals which takes young readers on an African tour of the alphabet, depicting such creatures as the xoona moth and the elephant. Each creature is profiled in a natural history setting.
7 3/4" x 9 1/2' Board Book by Stella Blackstone. Ages 2 - 6.

African Animals ABC Board Book
BF3615 $14.99 Our Price $12.74


Large Lion Puppet: Newly redesigned King of the Jungle is ready to roar! This 16-inch beast will proudly reign with its soft-and-fluffy mane and stoic pose.

Large Lion Puppet FM2889 $45.95

Timber Wolf Puppet: Bring home the dignity of wilderness! Featuring feathery plush & a gentle, movable mouth, this realistic Timber Wolf puppet is anything but ferocious: it's hungry for love! Timber Wolf is 18" long with tail and is 9" tall.

Timber Wolf Puppet FM2171 $35.95

Giraffe Puppet: The 14" tall Giraffe Hand Stage Puppet features a soft moveable mouth and beautiful patterning. Design details include suede-like nose and ears, ultra-soft sculpted plush, and its long signature eyelashes.

Giraffe Puppet FM2561 $21.95

Brown Bat Puppet: Nearly true to size, the Little Brown Bat flies in to spark your imagination. With a friendly face and furry body, kids will marvel at the wing membranes that stretch out an impressive wingspan. Befriend this creature of the night and he just might rid you of the scourge of stinging insects. Brown Bat Puppet has a 24" wingspan and is 12" long.

Brown Bat Puppet FM3127 $17.95

Hedgehog Puppet: This 8" Hedgehog puppet has places for all five digits, has a soft, short plush face and underbelly and a shaggier back and head. It can turn inside out to form the kind of ball a real hedgehog rolls into for protection from predators.

Hedgehog Puppet FM2192 $21.95


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