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Dog Heaven Hardcover Picture Book

Dog Heaven

If you have ever been lucky enough to have a special dog in your life, then you know there is a place called Dog Heaven.

SC7013 $18.99

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The Fairy Dogfather Hardcover Picture Book

The Fairy Dogfather

When Hector tries to write a letter to his Fairy Godfather, he mixes up his d's and g's and he writes a letter to the Fairy Dogfather instead. Alexandra Day, has created a wonderful new book & character. With real magic & humor. Hardcover Picture Book. Ages 5 - 6.
Autographed by the author Alexandra Day

LE4553 $15.95

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Good Dog Carl and the Baby Elephant Hardcover Picture Book

Good Dog Carl
and the Baby Elephant

Day's portrayal of the gentle dog and his trusting companion are as winning as ever. This time an enterprising baby elephant joins the pair. Carl and Madeleine visit a zoo. When they leave for an ice cream cone and a walk around the neighborhood, the little elephant follows them. Hardcover. Ages 2 - 4.
Autographed by the author Alexandra Day

LE0222 $14.95

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10 in. Good Rosie! Plush DogGood Rosie Hardcover Picture Book

Good Rosie! Plush &
Good Rosie! Hardcover

Good Rosie has soft, scruffy fur, warm eyes, and red collar, she’s the perfect doggy friend. Surface Washable. Safe for all ages.
At the dog park when big, loud Maurice and small, yippy Fifi bound over and want to play, Rosie’s not sure how to respond. Is there a trick to making friends? Hardcover. Ages 4 - 6.

MM1848-S $49.95

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16 in. French Bulldog Puppet

French Bulldog Puppet

French Bulldog puppet has bat shaped ears and wrinkly face. This plump fullbody playful pooch is 16" long.

FM3066 $29.95

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11 in. Ike LaRue Standin Plush

Ike LaRue Standin

Dear Reader, Ike LaRue has wanted to come to your house for sometime now. But, he has been terribly busy. Due to his busy schedule, he has asked me, his friend Bently, to stand in for him. I am very soft and cuddly. Your new friend, Bently.
He is a Plush Wire Hair Terrier and is 11" tall.

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GN0585 $17.95

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10 in.Biscuit Plush

Biscuit Plush

This is Biscuit. Biscuit is a small yellow Labrador. Young readers and small children alike will love having this great 10" plush doll as they enjoy the stories of Biscuit's adventures. Safe for all ages.

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MM1800 $19.95

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14 in. Long Pretzel Soft Toy

Pretzel Soft Toy

This dignified dachshund has a soft velboa body, playful eyes, a bright yellow ribbon, a red velvet inner mouth, embroidered eyebrows, hand-stiched paws, and a very waggable tail! Pretzel also lives up to his name... he's bendable! This prize-winning plush storybook character pooch is 14" long.

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YT0301 $21.95

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9 in. Dog and Bear Pair Plush Dolls

Dog and Bear Pair

Dog and Bear are best friends. These plush storybook characters are safe for all ages. Dog is 9" long and Bear is 9" tall with moveable arms and legs.

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MM1564 $19.95

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12 in. Clifford the Big Red Dog Plush

Medium Standing Clifford

Clifford, The Big Red Dog, has been a beloved storybook character for 45 years. Clifford is a good friend to all, with a big heart to match his size. Medium Standing Clifford Plush is 12" tall.

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DG7515 $21.95

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16 in. long Whistle for Willie Plush Dog

Whistle for Willie
Plush Doll

This delightful plush dog is perfect to accompany the classic storybook Whistle for Willie. Its nearly wordless text and striking collage artwork depict the story of Peter, who longs to whistle for his dog. Plush dog is 16" long.

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MM1713 $15.95

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9 in. Dear Zoo Puppy Plush DollDear Zoo Pop Up Book Dear Zoo Pop Up Book with open page

Dear Zoo Set
Puppy Plush Doll
& Pop-up Book

Dear Zoo Puppy is 9" tall. Pop-up edition of the classic storybook. Lift the flaps and see each three-dimensional animal the zoo has sent. Author Rod Campbell. Hardcover. Ages 4 - 6.

MM1709 $29.95

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10 in. Harry the Dog Plush Doll

Harry the Dog Plush

Harry is made of super-soft white chenille plush that's great for snuggling. He also features sewn-in black spots and a green vinyl collar with golden studs. Harry has embroidered eyes, a patent leather nose, and a bean-filled bottom that allows him to sit upright. He is 10" tall.

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YT0371 $21.95

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13 in. Animal Lullabies Dog Pajama Case

Animal Lullabies
Dog Pajama Case

Filled with a youngster's pjs, this soft dog pajama bag will guard their bed until bedtime and will make a great companion at nap time. Pajama Case is 13" long.

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CP0557 $14.95

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11 in. Atka Wolf Plush

Atka Wolf Plush

This plush Atka Wolf is 11" sitting. It complents the story of The First Dog by Jan Brett.

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DG1833 $19.95

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