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John Denver's Music

Sing Along, Read Along, with John Denver

Christopher Canyon has adapted and beautiffully illustrated the songs of John Denver in Grandma's Feather Bed, Sunshine On My Shoulders, Ancient Rhymes and Take Me Home Country Roads. Janeen Mason adapted and illustrated For Baby. Each picture book comes with the Score
and CD.

John Denver's Music and Book Set Special

This set valued at $99.75 includes all five of the John Denver
illustrated songs with the scores and audio CDs. Each
illustrated song book is described below.
DN0955S $69.95

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16 in. Dolphin Hand Puppet.

Dolphin Puppet

The playful dolphin arches its body to leap out of the waves. Use one hand to animate its grinning mouth, the other to flip the tail. This 16" puppet is sure to make a splash!
FM2165 $19.95

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Ancient Rhymes - A Dolphin Lullaby Hardcover Picture Book with CD

Ancient Rhymes - A Dolphin Lullaby

Welcome precious earth-made child," John Denver sings in his hauntingly beautiful lullaby of the birth of a dolphin. John loved to swim with dolphins - intelligent and exceedingly talkative animals that swim together in pods, suckle their young, and often touch and caress each other. In this illustrated adaptation of his song Ancient Rhymes, you can feel the hope that birth brings - whether dolphin or human - and the promise of new life. This hardcover edition includes an audio CD of John Denver singing Ancient Rhymes.
DN064X $19.95

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For Baby (For Bobbie) Picure Book with cd

For Baby (For Bobbie)

Everyone loves babies, and John Denver's love song For Baby (For Bobbie), interpreted as a children's picture book by award-winning illustrator Janeen Mason, reminds us that these feelings are universal. Captivating images lead us around the globe, from Sri Lanka to the Arctic, and deepen the experience of John Denver's enduring song, a legacy of love. An audio CD of John Denver singing For Baby (For Bobbie) is included.
DN1204 $19.95

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Sunshine On My Shoulders Picure Book with cd

Sunshine On My Shoulders

This heartwarming book - an adaptation of one of John Denver's best-loved songs - is a lovely reminder of the good, pure things in life. Sunshine On My Shoulders celebrates friendship, sunshine and simple joy. Children and adults alike will love Christopher Canyon's whimsical and humorous illustrations, that capture the innocence of childhood. This hardcover edition includes a CD of John singing The Music Is You and Sunshine On My Shoulders, plus the musical score of Sunshine. This is the first of a series of picture book adaptations of John Denver's songs that reflect the gift of friendship and nature
DN0488 $19.95

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Grandma's Feather Bed Picure Book with cd

Grandma's Feather Bed

Hooray for feather beds! Huge and soft, the perfect place to play ... and before you know it ... sleep. One of John Denver's most popular songs brings back favorite childhood memories. This is the fourth in Dawn Publications' highly acclaimed John Denver & Kids picture book series, adapted and illustrated by award-winning artist Christopher Canyon. This hardcover edition comes with a CD of John Denver singing this classic children's song.
DN0955 $19.95

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Take Me Home, Country Roads Hardcover Picture Book with CD

Take Me Home,
Country Roads

Illustrator Christopher Canyon brilliantly adapts John Denver's famous song for children of all ages. By car, by pickup, and by motorcycle, a family goes up, down and around the hills of West Virginia, heading for a family reunion at Grandma and Grandpa's country home! It's all about country, it's all about music, and it's all about family. This hardcover edition comes with a CD of John Denver singing his timeless classic.
DN0720 $19.95

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